Wild Life in Colour


Wildlife in Colour depicts the animals in the colours of the rainbow. Bold and powerful, the range makes a statement, aiming to stop you dead in your tracks and demand you look again. Typically, each image portrays the animal as you might experience it on safari.


Wipeable placemats, paper laminated, circular 34cm  

Feast your eyes on your wildlife favourites over breakfast, lunch and dinner

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Melamine, circular 37cm

Perfect for your morning coffee.

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100% Cotton, 50 x 50cm

Get cosy with your wildlife memories.

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Canvas Bag.

100% Cotton Outer, waterproof lining, magnetic popper closure, washable

Whether your hitting the highway or the subway, take your wildlife along for the ride.

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Small Bag.

100% Cotton, 16 x 16cm

Pocket a zebra or a leopard.

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90 % wool, 10% silk, 100 x 100cm

Keep warm and wrapped up in your wildlife memories.

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Gift Tags.

Set of 6, paper.

Choose from two sets of our wildlife favourites.

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Notelet Pack.

6 blank notelets with envelopes, 14 x 14 cm 

Say a small thank you with one of the big five.

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Fridge Magnet.

Card with magnetic back, 7 x 7cm 

Have your favourites stick around.

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Signed Print.

Paper, 30 x 31cm

Something special for that special someone.

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Hot Water Bottles.

100% Cotton, 24 x 40cm

Colourful dreams of Africa.

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